Week 12 – Reflection

Last week we presented our design proposal to the class, and I think we did quite well.

We were straight to the point in presenting our concept, instead of doing a big long introduction and talking about research, data and failed concepts first. We imagined that if we were the client, we would just be really excited to see the design mockups, and would then like to hear the reasoning behind them. We wouldn’t hear all the statistics and background research before having the designs finally revealed. I’m really happy that we cut to the chase and rationalised our designs as we went.

This project and unit was very beneficial to me, to be able to learn first-hand how much work and research it should take to come up with a good design solution. I now recognise the downfalls in the way I have approached design briefs in the past, and will now start to think about the things I have learned from this class.

A couple of the things I found most helpful are:

  • Convergent and Divergent thinking, and brainstorming enough ideas to be able to make a confident decision in a way forward
  • Reframing the problem, not just taking it for face value. The tutorial in which we discussed the wrist watch was most helpful in understanding the concept of going further than what you initially think the problem is.
  • Doing research- and not just existing design solutions, which can keep you thinking within the box. If you only look at what’s already been done, how can you think of something new? By researching other issues relating to the problem, such as the audience’s real needs, and the history of why things are currently the way they are, you are able to understand the issues better and it will also help you reformulate the problem.