Week 4- Watch

In this week’s tutorials we discussed our homework question: “If you are asked to redesign a “watch”- how will you approach it?”

When I first saw this problem I did not know how to answer it. I couldn’t see a problem with the watch, and didn’t understand how you would reframe a problem that couldn’t be seen.

Any problems that I could see have already been tackled by new technologies.

After listening to Raghu though, I realised that I was thinking too much about how to improve an already existing design, instead of going way way back and thinking about why the watch was designed in the first place.

It was designed to measure and keep track of time. So when I thought about that, I started to ask questions such as:

“Why was time designed in seconds, minutes, hours… and could time itself actually be designed better?”

“Why do people use watches? To meet with other people, to keep schedules? Are there other ways that this problem could be addressed?”


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