Week 7 Tutorial: Creative Process

Convergent/Divergent thinking

The tutorial exercises this week were eye opening because they showed how creative ideas can really flow when you are thinking rapidly and writing down anything that comes to mind, not just stopping at the first idea (the drawing exercise) and thinking about things in a not-obvious way. I realised that usually when I am trying to come up with a creative solution, I keep things in my head rather than writing them down. I also stop thinking when I think I’ve found the solution, and try to go ahead and implement it. Most times, I end up going back to the drawing board, because half way through the design I realised it wasn’t going to as well as I had imagined.

I now see the value of “brain dumping” or trying to explore all possible solutions before investing time in an idea. Doing so would also help “sell” your idea to the client, because you would be able to explain why your design is better than all other solutions, and give reasons why you had rejected the others.

“If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail”

I really like this quote and I can relate to this in my own creative process and the culture of my work environment. We get stuck in the habit of relying on the same set of skills, and the same tools, and therefore tend to approach every creative problem the same way. There are several designers where I work, but the same type of work gets handed to the same people over and over again. Our supervisors think that if they give similar work to designers they know have done that work before, it would be efficient. But what has happened is that people are only developing a finite set of skills, and the work that is produced ends up looking the same. If design jobs were handed around to different people with different skills and perspectives, the team would be producing much more innovative work.


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